Sunday, June 17, 2007

Obligatory post on today’s news

Roger Rodoni revs for re-election by bringing pot to the table. Well, the discussion of legalized pot, anyway. But Roger risks revolting 2nd District voters because everyone knows a corner-store pack of Marlboro Spliffs would cause cannabis prices to bottom out.
Meanwhile on the opinion page, the Times-Standard­ gets misty over “compassion” used to round up immigrants in Fortuna and ship them over the border forthwith. While the T-S did a great job covering the surprise raids this week, today’s sugarcoating burns the swallow pipe. After reporting that children were left without one or both parents the editors now say they “hope” the reports aren’t true.
In other news, the Eureka Reporter published an authorless news item bemoaning California getting out-logged by our neighbors to the North. Oregon and Washington, we learn, are cutting more timber than our fair state. Maybe with enough lobbying we can have clear-cuts right up to the highway, just like Oregon! Gee, that would be swell, Wally.
But for some real “troubling questions” head to this opinion piece by a Willow Creek resident worried about the uncomfortable number of recent mountain lion sightings. The big cats have been helping themselves to domestic pets in “long-established” neighborhoods, prompting the writer to ponder hunting season on the predators. Perhaps the mountain lions are way ahead on this issue. After suffering decades of invasion in their long-established territory, the native felines appear to have concluded that thinning intruding populations is an appropriate action. Some among us would obviously agree.